911 Molten Metal - Who is lying? FDNY eyewitnesses or NIST?

Was there molten metal under the destroyed WTC buildings? Fire department eyewitnesses say they saw it - like lava flowing from a volcano. John Gross, head investigator for NIST, denies this, saying there was no molten metal, there were no eyewitnesses, basically calling the New York Firemen eyewitnesses liars. So who do you believe?

Clip taken from Architect Richard Gage's two hour presentation "How the Towers Fell," which took place in May, 2007 in Winnepeg, Manitoba.


If you want to contact John Gross, the NIST official who appears here, about his statements, here are his details:
name: Gross, John L. (Gaithersburg)
phone: (301) 975-6068
agency: NIST
address: 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 8611
: Gaithersburg, MD 20899-8611
email: john [dot] gross [at] nist [dot] gov

You may wish to email others at NIST, so here is the link to their site with all of the contact information there:

You may wish to ask them whether or not John Gross was standing by the "lie through his teeth" (as Richard Gage puts it) regarding having heard of no witnesses to molten metal at ground zero.

You may also want to talk to NIST's Chief Counsel, Michael Rubin, who claimed to collaborate in writing the report (an odd job for an attorney) too. You might want to ask about NIST procedures for investigating claims of scientific misconduct, something they may be lawfully required to do:

name: Rubin, Michael R. (Gaithersburg)
phone: (301) 975-2803
agency: NIST
address: 100 Bureau Drive, Stop 1052
: Gaithersburg, MD 20899-1052
email: michael [dot] rubin [at] nist [dot] gov

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