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Holocaust or Hoax? The Arguments

Holocaust or Hoax?
The Arguments
by Jürgen Graf

Holocaust or Hoax? Is coming shortly! Appr. 350 pages, coloured illustrations. Please order now via e-mail: hrp [at] larc [dot] demon [dot] co [dot] uk



The political consequences of the Holocaust were, and are, enormous. Let us look at the most important ones.



Ariel Sharon Kills and Soon Plans to Bury Yasser Arafat

MIDDLEEAST.ORG <>  - MER - Washington - 7 Nov:   It's the worst possible end for Yasser Arafat, and more importantly for his life-long quest for justice, dignity, and a free independent Palestinian State.

Another Holocaust `memoir´ removed - may incite Holocaust denial...


The long arms of Rabbi Elyashiv and of the Knesset By Shahar Ilan

The founder of Degel Hatorah, Rabbi Eliezer Menachem Shach, the third anniversary of whose death is marked this week, scrupulously respected the American Diaspora. When he explained his position, according to which territorial concessions should be made to save Jewish lives, he noted that "without the help of the United States, we would not be able to survive even one month on our own, and all those who speak so arrogantly, that we, we, we will be victorious..."


Holocaust `memoir´ withdrawn

Melissa Singer

A HOLOCAUST-THEMED autobiography was withdrawn from sale this week following revelations questioning its authenticity.

Stolen Soul by Bernard Holstein ‹ who lives in Perth and claimed he was a Holocaust survivor ‹ was removed from bookshelves across Australia earlier this week after the publisher uncovered evidence which challenges the author´s credibility, including claims he spent time in Auschwitz.



And Dem Party Propagandists Email American Jews

MIDDLEEAST.ORG - MER - Washington - 27 October: It's another big-time Israeli-designed and U. S. "approved" political scam regarding "peace" in the Middle East. There's a long history of this now and people in the region, especially the Palestinians, are well-aware of what is going on; even if at this point in history they feel quite helpless to do much about it.

Kol Nidre

The Jewish Encyclopedia

KOL NIDRE artid=340&letter=K

Prayer recited in the synagogue at the beginning of the evening service on the Day of Atonement; the name is taken from the opening words. The "Kol Nidre" has had a very eventful history, both in itself and in its influence on the legal status of the Jews. Introduced into the liturgy despite the opposition of rabbinic authorities, repeatedly attacked in the course of time by many halakists, and in the nineteenth century expunged from the prayer-book by many communities of western Europe, it has often been employed by Christians to support their assertion that the oath of a Jew can not be trusted.

Form of Prayer.

Thereupon the cantor chants the Aramaic prayer beginning with the words "Kol Nidre," with its marvelously plaintive and touching melody, and, gradually increasing in volume from pianissimo to fortissimo, repeats three times the following words:

"All vows , obligations, oaths, and anathemas, whether called 'onam,' 'onas,' or by any other name, which we may vow, or swear, or pledge, or whereby we may be bound, from this Day of Atonement until the next (whose happy coming we await), we do repent. May they be deemed absolved, forgiven, annulled, and void, and made of no effect; they shall not bind us nor have power over us. The vows shall not be reckoned vows; the obligations shall not be obligatory; nor the oaths be oaths."

The leader and the congregation then say together: (Num. xv. 26).

"And it shall be forgiven all the congregation of the children of Israel, and the stranger that sojourneth among them, seeing all the people were in ignorance"


Jewish History, Jewish Religion - The Weight of Three Thousand Years (CHAPTER 3)

by Professor Israel Shahak

... popularly regarded as the most 'holy' and solemn occasion of the Jewish liturgical year, attended even by very many Jews who are otherwise far from religion. It is the Kol Nidre prayer on the eve of Yom Kippur - a chanting of a particularly absurd and deceptive dispensation. By which all private vows made to God in the following year are declared in advance to be null and void.

King of kings' Bible - Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.


Also see:

France mulls ways to sanction Holocaust doubter

Thursday, October 14, 2004

By Reuters

PARIS - France is checking whether it can take legal action against a leading far-right politician who has questioned whether the Nazis used gas chambers in the Holocaust, Justice Minister Dominique Perben said on Thursday.

The University of Lyon has urged education officials to suspend Bruno Gollnisch, a professor of Japanese there, for questioning how the gas chambers were used in the wartime slaughter of the Jews and querying the death toll.

Your tax dollars at work: Israeli army guns down small children like rats

The ONLY solution is to enforce The Plan against the N. W. O. Zionist perpetrators of 911 and the war on terror and other attrocities:-



RePortersNoteBook Memo: The Israeli Army has declared it was not unethical that this IDF officer shot two bullets at close range into an innocent
13-year old girl's head as she lay wounded on the ground. He went back a moment later and emptied his whole magazine into her dead body. Most Americans would call the brutal murder of a child a horrible crime, punishable by death or life imprisonment. Why do Americans who call themselves"Christians" send BILLIONS of dollars to (the Jewish State in, but not of) Israel so that it can commit crimes their religion so strongly condemns?

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2004/10/15


Gaza girl death officer cleared

The Israeli army has cleared an officer accused of repeatedly firing into the lifeless body of a young Palestinian girl of "unethical" behaviour.

But the officer remains suspended for poor relations with subordinates.

Jewish Woman Charged In Swastika Graffiti Spree--20 of them

New York, Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Police: Suspect Was Angry At Jewish Ex, New Wife

NEW YORK (AP) A woman admitted shortly after her arrest late Monday that she spray-painted swastikas in Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens because she was angry about her Jewish ex-husband's new wife, police said.

DEAR NATHANIEL POPPER: Mass Theft of the Democracy by the Media

The ONLY remedy is to enforce The Plan against the N. W. O. Zionist perpetrators of 911 and the phoney war on terror:-



[email protected]

Oct. 21, 2004

Thank you for the coverage in the article you wrote titled: Some of His Best Friends Are Jewish: The Saga of a Holocaust Revisionist. At the following link: ref=popper200410201121

Concerning David Irving, I want to say he has made a tremendous historical contribution by exposing a lot of long held WWII deceptions, and that has obviously earned him a lot of enemies. Not the least of which are the radical Jewish community, who have a lot of WWII skeletons in the closet and want them to remain there.

I would like to say that my site is primarily an editorial site. Where I forward on selections of material that is suppressed for the mass media over fear of the Jewish Lobby. I have a wide and diverse list of busy people who appreciate having access to this 'banned' material. It allows them over a year or two to become much more knowledgeable on these complicated and controversial issues, where well financed disinformation campaigns abound, all designed to hoax the public, which I view as a kind of mass theft of the democracy.

'For example one of the most horrible suppressed stories is the Zionist* participation in the holocaust, which early on was a way to use the Nazis to eliminate their religious Jewish opponents, and then use their deaths as a tool to take over Palestine, one of the most perverse crimes against humanity in modern times.'

* King of kings' Bible - Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are NOT, but [are] (Idumeans) the synagogue of Satan.

In the future your reporting can go a bit further with Jewish racism, Israeli spying, and Jewish terrorism, such as the JDO. It should get a critical overview by responsible media, such as The Forward newspaper. Or once again, should the public be told what they are allowed to think on these issues, and viciously attacked (with the help of the media) if they disagree.

"Do you think the Jewish Lobby wants their scandals exposed?' Do you think journalists have a duty to do this, like they have in so many other situations? Or should the fear of Jewish Lobby retribution rule the day, which is so well known in the media and academic fields. Their form of beheadings.

My 'questionable website' would not even exist were it not for the censorship of the Lobby skeletons which is acknowledged by just about everybody I talk to, including media people. It is a huge scandal and embarrassing to me as an American to see the country living in such fear of a small group of people with so obviously questionable motives (yes, get this out on the table -- their loyalty).

When France was occupied the Resistance was opposed by other Frenchmen. Those who oppose the occupation of our institutions are likewise opposed by the occupiers and their cronies. It has always been that way. We live in a country where Jews and their major conventions harp on and on about how influential they are, and they excoriate non-Jews for discussing the same thing. It's a shame to the country.

Peace. Michael Santomauro Editorial Director
253 West 72nd street #1711 New York, NY 10023


All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident.
-- Arthur Schopenhauer, philosopher, 1788-1860

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