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EU To Apply 'Hate' Speech Laws To The Internet

Comment From Richard Niemela

The following message shows that the European Union, like Canada, has succumbed to talmudic interferences...both cannot act or react as formerly Christian regions, as Zionists have so corrupted the Secular leadership of these two former Christian areas that Christianity is now the obvious Enemy.

They have seen to it that their Media takes no enemies so to speak, as the Media can only project issues favorable to Zionism. And to prove it, they will legally punish anyone who even mentions the word "Jew" any manner...For only Jews can speak of and about Jews. This legally means that they have engineered Laws to favor and protect their demands.

Such twisted logic is not unique, for our blinded and duped Congress just passed laws that are similar and inhibit the same thing from among Americans...taking away our free speech...or our First Amendment Rights.

Since we still have our 2nd Amendment, and all of the acoutrements that are attached and associated with it, we must now use the 2nd Amendment rights to protect and insure the survivablity of the First. Such was the reason and intent of the 2nd.

A reaction that simply means we may have to use arms to insure that the First is secure and inviolate Otherwise, we, too, will succumb to the wiles of the Talmudists, who now see the conclusion to their Protocols about to be closed and they win...and get to set up the long sought goal of their Talmud: World Dominion.

I believe that Jefferson had something to say about this, something like this: "Liberty must and can only result from sacrifice, for it takes the blood of both patriot and tyrant alike to preserve liberty."

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EU unveils plan to log all electronic, phone communication


EU unveils plan to log all electronic, phone communication

ABC News Australia | September 21 2005


The European Commission has adopted proposals to log details of all telephone, Internet, and e-mail traffic, to combat terrorism and serious crime.

EU Wants to Make Internet Safe for Children

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Union has launched a 45 million euro ($60 million) plan to protect children from pornography and racist sites when they surf the Internet.

"Children are using the Internet more and more and can come across dangerous content. It's essential to inform parents what tools they can use," Viviane Reding, the European Information Society and Media Commissioner, told a news conference.

Want to know the hardware behind Echelon?

You've probably heard about Echelon, the vast listening system run by the US, UK, Canada and Australia that scans the world's voice traffic looking for key words and phrases.

Aside from using the system for industrial espionage and bypassing international and national laws to listen in on people, it is also used to listen out for people like Osama bin Laden and assorted terrorists in the hope of preventing attacks.

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The ENFOPOL connection

Not too long ago, word began to circulate that European governments, suffering from a nasty case of snoopers' envy over the English-speaking countries' long-standing ability to eavesdrop upon phone calls, faxes, and e-mail around the world through the NSA-driven Echelon system, were cooking up a scheme of their own. Unlike the trenchcoat-and-fedora efforts of the five-nation Echelon arrangement, which are focused, at least theoretically, on communications outside of those countries, the rival European ENFOPOL 98 scheme was designed to give law enforcement authorities the legal and technical wherewithal to intercept messages within their jurisdictions at will. Now though, while the European proposal is still evolving, it seems to be less of a competitor to American snooping than part of a full-press effort by cops around the world to steam open everybody's envelopes.
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Special Investigation: ILETS and the ENFOPOL 98 Affair

America's guiding hand revealed - the secret international organisation behind Europe's controversial plans for Internet surveillance

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CIA patching ECHELON shortcomings

By: Thomas C Greene in Washington
Posted: 06/03/2001 at 07:47 GMT

A core objection to paranoid rants regarding the US National Security Agency (NSA) electronic eavesdropping apparatus called ECHELON is the simple observation that spooks trying to use it are literally buried in an avalanche of white noise from which it's quite difficult to extract anything pertinent.

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New Echelon Disclosures

Echelon is the name given to the super-secret SIGINT (Signals Intelligence) collection network allegedly operated by the most secretive of all U.S. agencies, the National Security Agency (NSA). But it is not simply an American endeavor. Also taking part in the massive eavesdropping scheme through a diplomatic construct known as the UKUSA Alliance are Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Together they operate a system that is reputedly capable of recording every digital transmission relayed throughout the world each day, including telephone, FAX, and e-mail messages. According to the International Herald Tribune, the system has the capacity to "record up to 2 billion telephone messages daily." What
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